Le Sxantanas

Last month when I was in Berlin I worked on some new busker tales
The first musician we met was Le Sxantanas, a great guitarist from Mexico originally. 
Hope you enjoy his story & photographs!


Hello :)

Busy days over here: in the middle of a whole lot of deadlines, we moved into a new place! 
It's the first time in a loooong period that I find myself being surrounded by all the stuff I collected over the years and it makes me happy seeing them all together now: some old furniture (that has been stocked in an old farmer's place for way too many years), old Uni textbooks, souvenirs from my Paris period & from my Latin/South America wanderings, old diaries, old photographs... quite some memories!! No internet at home yet so I'm spending my days working in cafes and unpacking / painting walls / discovering the new neighborhood in between... pics will follow soon :)

PS: I decided to give Instagram a try (only phone shots) -> are u on there too?


Trainer, Schauspieler und Sprecher

© 2014 Annewil Stroo | Thomas Hohn© 2014 Annewil Stroo | Thomas Hohn 

Here are some more results of the fun photo shoot I did with this charming man.

Lady's and gentleman, 
meet Thomas!



Some snippets from last week. 
Working during the day, drinks & dancing in the evenings...
Bis bald, Berlin!


And the winners are...

© 2014 La Vie d'Anne | http://anneliewillemijn.blogspot.com© 2014 La Vie d'Anne | http://anneliewillemijn.blogspot.com
 …. (drum roll)... 


Congratulations :)

Thank you thank you everyone that entered my little giveaway - wish I could give all of you a free mini print! 
I enjoyed a lot reading your comments and finding out which numbers you've chosen. The winning ones will travel to Berlin, Buenos Aires & Marseille very soon!



© 2014 Annewil Stroo | T.

A little preview of a fun photo shoot I did last weekend.
More to follow soon :)


Mini Print Giveaway!

© 2014 Annewil Stroo | Paris Mini Print Giveaway

I've been working on a very fun new project: 
For an upcoming exhibition I selected #100 Paris photographs that I took between 2009 & 2013 when I was living there. I printed them on small size and hung them all together as a whole. So much fun to outline these 4 years of my Parisian life in some of my favorite snapshots! The result gives an impression of how Paris caught my eye whilst at the same time every photograph tells its own story. All photographs are for sale 
as mini-prints (9x13) and to celebrate I decided to make a little giveaway out of it :) 

How to enter?
 Have a look here and leave a comment on this post to let me know which 2 numbers are your favorites. 
I'll randomly select 3 winners on Thurs 27 who will receive the two mini-prints of their choice. 
Anyone anywhere can participate!

I will also share this post on facebook - give me a like if you're there too :)



Meu riso é tão feliz contigo

I've been listening to this song a lot lately. I love the melody and the lyrics, they make me travel back in time to 2004 when I was living in Rio de Janeiro and heard them for the first time. Also this one... 
Isn't (Brazilian) Portuguese just the most enchanting language?
(The video clips aren't the best, so better listen with your eyes closed :)